Our Leadership

Dexter Oliver

Dexter Oliver is the Founder of Successful Paths Inc. Dexter has 8 years of previous experience as a systems engineer and another 12 years experience as a Sr. Information Technology leader. He currently serves as the chairman of the board for Successful Paths.

Denise Oliver

Denise Oliver is Managing Partner for Integritas Solutions LLC. She has 15 years experience in managing business operations for several successful businesses. Denise currently serves on the board of directors at Successful Paths.

Donald Oliver

Donald Oliver is a Vietnam Vet and retiree of 35 years from the US Postal Service. He is a lead mentor and serves on the youth leadership planning and development committee. Donald is also a Deacon at Calvary Missionary Baptist Church.

Ervin Watson

Ervin Watson is a very successful business development manager and entrepreneur. He is the founder and owner of Vantage Resources. He has over 20 years of corporate management experience. He is an ordained minister as serves as a lead mentor for Successful Paths. Additionally, Ervin is the head of the community connections committee for Successful Paths.

Marcellus Haynes

Marcellus Haynes is an Independent Software Consultant and founder of the Technologists of Color meetup group.  A software developer for over 16 years, Marcellus has built software for Fortune 1000 companies such as Ernst and Young, Cox Communications and Chick-fil-a as well as start-ups such as Enguage Digital (now Moxie) and Bridge2Solutions.