Rapid Dev is a program designed to provide Start Ups and Entrepreneur’s with low cost high quality custom software solutions. As Entrepreneurs, we have all had ideas that we wanted to try but the cost to get an application developed to support our idea was just too expensive for something that was not yet proven in the market.

To address this challenge, Successful Paths has created a unique opportunity to bring together two communities who can help each other.

  • We established a pipeline of the most brightest and talented African American College Students who are the next up & coming software engineers. These individuals need opportunities to strengthen their expertise and gain real world experience that will help them prepare to enter into the workforce.
  • As a Start Up or Entrepreneur you don’t want to invest thousands of dollars into your product development early on but you need a product to demo to get a deal with your prospects.

Our program is simple.

  1. We will assess your requirements and pair you up with a team that includes our rock star developer from college to deliver your software solution at a low fixed cost price. (We will be cheaper than offshore)
  2. We use an Agile methodology to ensure we deliver the solution in the fastest time possible
  3. Each of our students have completed rigorous training using modern development languages so they very capable of helping you fulfill your objectives.
  4. The delivery team includes Senior level professionals who guide and coach our students as required during the development lifecycle to ensure success.

The Results are Both Communities Win!

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